Dr Hoffman says – “the tide is finally turning” – industry is starting to listen

Recommended reading at Dr Hoffman’s site: Molds, mites and pollens: Common causes of allergic fatigue – See more at: http://drhoffman.com/article/molds-mites-and-pollens-common-causes-of-allergic-fatigue-2/#sthash.gThvLidd.dpuf

NASA Science explains Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR’s). Great for non techno people like me.

Many people with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity experience sensitivity to electromagnetic radiation (World Health Organisation 2005).  This is an escalating problem says the scientist at the 2015 5th Paris MCS Symposium – see you tube video here

If you are new to subject of electromagnetic radiation watch this entertaining and easily understood video presentation compliments of NASA recommended by EMR Aware   See  free EMR

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The 2015 Environmental Sensitivity Symposium

Thanks to Lucinda Curran organiser and host of the first Environmental Sensitivity Symposium, you can benefit from 23 experts views. Find out more about the speakers and listen to them here at Eco Health Solutions.

Or listen to your topic of interest on YouTube

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS)http://youtu.be/Eqi-S5g_yYQ

Electro -hypersensitivity (EHS)http://youtu.be/KHpzi7bSbyQ

Lyme and Biotoxin-Relatedhttp://youtu.be/VWQ8Rt1teXg

Environmental Toxinshttp://youtu.be/my7NWSAJxws

Learning Disordershttp://youtu.be/wLF49JFmFJ0


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New National Registry for Australian’s With Environmental Sensitivities

Thanks to an email from Elizabeth thanking me for my book , I was also made aware of this new registry and have just finished registering myself.

The aim of this registry is to gather statistics so the government can be better lobbied for better  health care, services and benefits, for people with environmental sensitivities.

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