A simple way to kill ants

Making your home less attractive to ants, by removing food crumbs, will generally keep ants a way, but sometimes they can persist, especially in summer.

Cornmeal fortunately,  is an effective, cheap and non toxic way to kill ants.

Ants are drawn to the cornmeal and bring it back to their colony as food. After ants drink water to wash down their cornmeal dinner, the cornmeal swells, killing them.

Pour a small handful of cornmeal near any suspected entry points and leave the rest to the ants.

My Thoughts on Amygdala Retraining Programs

Amygdala retraining programs are helping some people with MCS and related conditions like fibromyalgia and ME/CFS restore their health and recover. But they are not working for everyone.  Amygdala retraining programs put emphasis on our protector meters being hyper responsive to threats – real, perceived, conditioned, and the impact this has on us physiological and psychologically.

There are a number of these types of programs now available, sometimes  referred to as dynamic neural retraining

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Coping Strategies for the Highly Sensitive Person

Sensitive people make up about 20% of the population, but they did not have a name or a proper voice until Dr Elaine Aaron defined Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) as an innate trait, something to be embraced rather than something to be ashamed of or hide from.

The highly sensitive person (HSP) is not the same as the chemically sensitive person, but the social issues, daily life issues and sensory overload issues they face can overlap.  I my self are both a chemically sensitive person and a highly

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In Integrative Approach to MCS by doctors from UW Integrative Medicine


Picture source: PATIENT HANDOUT  University of Wisconsin Integrative Medicine – An integrative approach to Multiple Chemical Sensitivities

This handout, and information about environmental illness at the Wisconsin Family Medicine website provides some really great information, that will benefit most with MCS I am sure.

It may however, need to be modified for anyone with more severe MCS. Particularly if they are

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