Toxicity is one of the three major components that are maintaining MCS the others are nerve Inflammation and heightened Stress: biological; genetic; psychological; social; chemical.

While addressing toxicity is important if the other aspects are ignored toxicity and chemical injury is likely to reoccur.

Some alternative therapist and doctors who practice functional medicine recommend detoxification methods such as FIR Sauna Therapy; Chelation Therapy; Lipid Exchange Therapy; Juicing; Liver Cleansing Diets; Coffee Enemas; Colonic Irrigation and so on. However, whilst these do help some people with MCS (most likely in the earlier stages of the illness); they can be harmful to others, particularly those with very impaired liver detoxification (FLDP Test not standard liver test) and hypocortisolism (very low levels of cortisol) according to Dr Yanick ND. I tried many of these detoxification methods when I had hypocortisolism - the result was increased pain and no gain.

Yanick Says…Detoxification in Individuals with Impaired Enzymatic Detoxification is Contraindicated and Dangerous

MCS is a disabling, multi-organ syndrome caused by an impaired ability to detoxify chemical toxins. (11,12) According to a recent 2004 International Journal of Epidemiology study, impaired metabolism of toxic chemicals underlies MCS. In this case control study, a gene-gene interaction between enzymes suggested an elevated risk for MCS. (13) These findings parallel other observations of a link between enzyme abnormalities in GulfWar syndrome veterans and in a retrospective case-control analysis reporting cognitive and neurological impairments as symptomatology. (14,15) Clearly, labeling MCS patients as "psychosomatic" is not supported by scientific or clinical evidence. (38)Source: Hypoadrenia: A causative factor in MCS, Allergies and Impaired Enzymatic Detoxification Dr. Paul Yanick, Jr. Ph.D., N.D. – Board Certified in Integrative Medicine Source: Published in the March 2005 Townsend Letter for Doctors – Revised on 11-20-11

However, toxicity should not be ignored rather it should be reduced very slowly and safely in a way that is not likely to overwhelm detoxification pathways or cause injury to the nervous system. This can be achieved by:

• Increasing filtered water intake 2-4 liters no more. If you have too much water it can upset your sodium and electrolyte balance and cause unpleasant symptoms such as cramps; spasms; memory and concentration difficulties and more. It can also be dangerous.

• Taking “safe” non-plant based toxin binders e.g. Zeolites and charcoal tabs. Best-taken 1.5hrs either side of food and medications so they do not interfere with absorption, and with increased water intake.

• Reducing exposure to everyday chemicals - see Nasty Nine Free for simple tips. For more comprehensive guidelines see Dr Grace Ziem's Environmental Control Plan - my experience with this plan is blogged at www.50 symptoms